Oh goodness, I slept 3 hours last night, so when I got home earlier I slept first thing until 1 am. @_@ Want more sleeeeep.

This is my library of choice. 6 floor building with sweet, sweet silence. Haha. There’s always a place to study here. Except maybe during finals week, where you might have to use a cubicle right next to a stranger. *gasp* :p There’s this usually unwritten rule in college where you try not to sit directly next to somebody in the science library. It’s because there are like 6 spacious floors with tons of cubicles and tables, so the necessity of sitting right next to someone is very non-existent and a little awkward because of that.

Anyways, it’s all shaped in one huge circle. In the center of the library is well, nothing. So if you stand outside in the middle, you can look up and see the sky. I wanted to capture that with my camera, but my camera couldn’t get the entire shot so it just looked like the camera staring at the plain sky. Haha. Next best thing was a part of the building. The windows are very interesting. The greenish/yellow colored ones in the middle are covered with paper(?) or something, to block sunlight from damaging the books that are right beside the window, I suppose.

Windows Galore