For my boyfriend’s birthday, I bought him these awesome headphones. The gift stemmed from the fact that he always wanted headphones and also because there was a one day deal at Amazon. The deal was for V-Moda headphones, but after reading comments and asking my brother, it turns out the Sennheiser would probably be a better investment than V-Moda ones. The V-Moda ones were definitely really good looking and fashionable, but in the end I had to ruin the surprise to ask him which one he would rather want, and I ended up buying the Sennheiser (my brother also really recommended it).

If you haven’t broken them in yet, headphones can be a bit tight on the head and uncomfortable after a long time of wearing. So the easiest way to get it to be more comfortable faster is to leave the headphones on something to stretch them out a bit. My boyfriend chose his stuffed gorilla (which we “won” – a friend was working at the game so we kinda got it despite losing the game – from the fair). I thought it was so funny and cute. 8-)

Hipster Gorilla