I think I got food poisoning from eating a burger. It was the only thing I ate all day, and the next day when I woke up, I immediately felt horrible. In fact, I woke up earlier without an alarm (that never happens on a school day) because I wasn’t feeling so good. It wasn’t too extreme, so I forced myself to go to school. I got through the day okay, but when I was in research lab…that was when I started feeling very, very weak. Nauseous, dizzy, stomach cramps, tired. I was so grateful that I had less to do than usual, so I was able to finish by 4:30pm rather than usual (which is normally later in the evening). After I got home? SLEEP. I wanted to sleep forever. I felt so exhausted. My stomach was feeling terrible. I wanted to vomit, but I didn’t eat anything for an entire day, so there was nothing to vomit. Basically, there wasn’t any food in me to come out from either end, lol. The fever came on, too. I was 101 degrees. T_T

Honestly, it was terrible. I slept on and off every hour. Then at night, I slept the entire night. My mom bought me this pediatric drink, which you would normally give to babies when they’re dehydrated and need to replace liquid & electrolytes. It’s supposed to be better than stuff like Gatorade since that has too much sugar. Oh boy. No more burgers for me…for quite a while.

Electrolyte drink