I have this cute little touch light. His shape reminds me of a little ghost. My best friend in elementary bought me it for one of my birthdays and I still have it. It’s one of those presents that is really awesome but useful at the same time, so you end up keeping it for a really long time. I don’t sleep with night lights anymore – I used to when I was a kid because I hated total darkness. Somehow I just stopped using it and was okay with total darkness. I’m not one of those people who normally go to the bathroom in the middle of the night anyways so having a little light in my bedroom while I’m sleeping is not that necessary. However, I was pretty sick with food poisoning over the past weekend, and I felt like having some light so that I could barf into my designated barf bowl (yuck, lol) would be good. So I kept my little ghost night light near my bed. ^_^ Since I’ve had him for so long, he can’t work without being plugged in anymore, but he used to be chargeable.

He’s an awesome little guy.

Night Light