Haha, I love how I’ve had two posts about food already. After being starved for food, you kind of get obsessed with food when you can finally eat anything you want again. :p I was craving ice cream so bad! But I figured dairy wouldn’t be such a good idea till I was feeling better, which I am now!

The boyfriend and I really like Thrifty ice cream. I personally like them for their unique flavor: the chocolate malted krunch. It’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, but the unique thing about it is the crunchy little white malt balls. I’ve never had any ice cream before that had malt balls in them. Thrifty ice cream is also quite cheap, so that’s the other appeal to it. My mom said she remembers how she used to love it and it would be like 5 cents a scoop. I think now they’re like closer $1.30 for a single scoop and a triple scoop is like $2.50. Yum for ice cream though! Too bad it’s still cold and winter, but that doesn’t stop us from eating it, haha. 8-)

Chocolate Malted Krunch