Friday was a really fun experience of all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque. It’s really popular around here right now, especially with college students. There are three things that are a part of the college craze: kbbq, frozen yogurt, and boba. All delicious, but too much of it can get tiring of course.

The side dishes that come along with korean food is one of my favorites. I love eating variety. You can pick what kind of meat dishes they bring out for you (usually the more expensive the price, the more variety of meats you can choose from). They bring it out raw and you cook it yourself on the grill in the center of the table. The place I’ve been to give you salad and rice paper to eat the meat with, which makes it a lot less tiring than just eating heaps & heaps of plain meat. Along with that, you can choose what kind of soup you want – I always like the egg soup. At the end of the meal, we treated ourselves to multiple servings of ice cream. The real kind! Not soft-serve machines, but buckets of real ice cream. Yuuuuum. I stuck to green tea ice cream, which was more creamy than green teaish, but still yummy.

The picture I took wasn’t so great because I forgot to take pictures of the meat cooking before the end of the meal, haha. So the little meat that’s left was closer towards the end when we were stuffed and pretty much done with eating any more meat.