I still have to upload my Project 365 pictures, but I just thought I’d have a quick update while I wait for class. ^_^

It’s a really, really nice day today. Weather here is funny. The other day it was raining, but today is pretty warm and sunny. I came to campus early to go to research lab for an hour, spent a few hours in the library studying for my midterm tomorrow, bought lunch, bought something required from the bookstore, and now I’m sitting in the middle of the park on a bench in the shade. 8-) I noticed I was still 20-30 minutes early to class so I made a pit stop on this bench, haha.

It’s one of the few days where it’s such a nice day that I would just want to sit outside and enjoy the breeze. It really is nice. I guess if every day was like this I would be too spoiled, haha.

This week was midterm week, so I’ve been a bit stressed (a bit? I’m always stressed, lol). One tomorrow and one more on Monday. Boo. My physics midterm didn’t go as well as I hoped. Kind of disappointed in myself. For the first 20 minutes I started panicking, big time. At one point I thought to myself, “Wow, I wish I could drop this class now.” Here’s how it went: Page 1? Okay, let’s see… oh crap, I’m doing it wrong! Next page! *flips page* Page 2 “Oh crap, I don’t know how to do this one…” *flip* Etc. I kept flipping through pages attempting each problem. It was a cycle. Then the last 22 minutes of class, I had epiphanies and got some answers. Unfortunately, I don’t think my epiphanies were all correct. -_- (I know because he posted the key up already). Meeeh…

On another note, my five year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up next Tuesday. *love*