Have you guys ever heard of pop up displays? They’re basically very large display walls that are very portable. Kind of like portable tents that have to be set up or taken down. Then you hang on either fabric or graphic panels to complete the display. This makes it extremely transportable and easy to set up wherever you like. After you take out the display pieces, the case can be converted into a podium by covering it with a fabric or graphic wrap, with a plastic or wooden top…so everything is put to good use! TheseĀ pop up booths look completely professional and can be assembled on the go.

Additionally, pop up trade show displays can also be customized for the purchaser. They can come in different shapes, monitors, internal shelving, back lighting, dye cut graphics, etc. For whatever purpose you are using a pop up display, it’s really easy to add features that will enhance your presentation.

When I think of a trade show pop up, I contrast it with the dinky little booths they would have at local fairs or in college. Not going to lie, impressive booths really attract people much more easily. Sometimes the only chance you have is the first glance. If your display isn’t impressive enough, the viewer might not even give your booth a chance. On the other hand, if your display is eye-capturing and professional looking, you will already leave a good impression on them. If you want to leave a lasting impression, I would say go for a unique and well-made pop up display.