My boyfriend and I love going to the dollar theater – we rarely go to full-prized theaters anymore. It’s just so expensive! Evening/night tickets cost over $20 for a pair of people! We’d rather spend that money getting food or something, haha. For most movies (except ones I’m super looking forward to), I have enough control to not need to watch them right away. I mean, once you can get over the hurdle of people talking about the movies, it’s not that hard to wait (and forget) for a few months before they show up in the dollar theater. Very cost-efficient. :p

On this particular day, we watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 for the poops and giggles. :p I have to be honest, it was actually surprisingly pretty good! I give this director/screenwriter or whoever major props because they made a really crappy book into a decent movie. Minus a few really hilariously cheesy parts, they minimized the amount of painful parts necessary compared to the book. If you want to suffer through this series, it is a much better idea to just watch the movies. The movies change it up a bit so that there’s a little more action, less badly written parts, more cinematic/exciting parts and some added funny/light-hearted parts.

So in the novel of Breaking Dawn, Jacob imprints on the infant, which I always saw as pedophilia, even though die-hard fans claim that it is not. lol. But in the movie, it was very tastefully done, where looking into the infant’s eyes and then transitioning into a cloudy/hazy vision of her older self in the future was much more understandable than the way it was cheesily and disgustingly described in the book. That is not to say that the whole idea of tying up loose ends by making Jacob imprint on the infant isn’t plainly ridiculous, but at the very least the movie made it more palatable than the book could ever hope to do.

Dollar Theater