I got these nail polish strips (they’re like stickers) and saved them for months because I wanted to use them for Valentine’s Day, lol! *love* It was my first time using nail polish strips. Application was pretty easy but not perfect. I think if it’s your first time for application, I recommend either 1) Being satisfied even if it’s not perfect or 2) Buying strips that you’re with possibly botching for the first time (I wouldn’t buy an intricate design that you’d be devastated over if it didn’t come out right).

If you’ve never heard of nail polish strips before, they are, yes, made of real nail polish, but put on top of a sticker that goes over your nail. Once you smooth the sticker over your fingernail, you kind of stretch it out and then file away the edge of your finger nail to get rid of any excess sticker. If the sticker doesn’t fit the shape of your fingernail perfectly, you might have to try to peel away the excess around your cuticles.

Here is what I noticed when I tried it:
– They are much less fragile than a freshly painted coat of nail polish in that you can start doing work with your hands right away without worrying about dents, but I wouldn’t be too rough on your fingernails the first few hours. I don’t remember what I did, but messed up one bit of my sticker.
– When filing away, make sure to file side to side parallel to the edge of the nail. I think I file up and down, and it took away a good chunk of sticker at the tips of my nails. So it looked like they were chipping already T_T
– Getting rid of the excess around your cuticles is a bit of a hassle. If you don’t do it, it might bunch up and be ugly.
– Topcoat may or may not be a good idea. I’m still unsure. I didn’t put top coat at first and felt my stickers chipping away really fast. But perhaps it’s because they were already kind of chipped when I filed them? Not sure. But after the chipping, I applied top coat and it helped a lot on some nails, but on some other nails they started peeling off the sticker. :X It was too heavy having top coat and sticker I guess, and started peeling off? I dunno.

Despite the little shortcomings of the nail stickers, overall the look is still great. It looks very professional. I had a handful of people asking me if I did my nails myself. LOL. I felt flattered, but asked them to rethink that and asked them if they could really believe that I made such perfect strokes. :p Lots of compliments and I love looking down at my fingernails! *_*

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