I am an avid bird lover. I love birds so much! I’ve loved them ever since I was a child, when I would spend hours sitting by our glass doors and windows peeking out at little sparrows that would come to our patio. We got a bird feeder and some wild bird seeds so that they would come to our backyard. My mom hated the poop they left on our outdoor chairs, lol.

When I was in middle school, my mom finally caved in and allowed me to have a pair of parakeets. When I first got them, I would pull up a chair to watch their funny behavior and sometimes rest my arm in their age for long periods of time (it was a method of getting them used to my hand – the parakeets I had were not tame). In high school, we brought a cockatiel into our family, and ever since then he still brings laughter and cuteness into our lives. *love* I find birds so fluffy and floofy and cute, and they’re smarter than you would expect. They’ve got interesting behavior, too.

Anyway, while on the road today, we got a tiny bit lost and on our way through this weird road, there were a bunch of street signs – and I noticed that they all had a bird theme!!! I was sooo excited, it was dorkily absurd. :p Since we needed to park to recalibrate our GPS anyways, I pleaded for us to park so I could get pictures of the bird-themed street signs. Here’s what I can remember: Parakeet, Falcon, Nightingale, Teal, Egret, Owl. That is just too cute.

Bird Streets