Since we had a holiday on Monday, my Tuesday 3 hour lab was cancelled today. Which meant that I could go to research lab earlier, and be out earlier in time to go out for dinner before my 7pm night class. Boyfriend took us to get tacos – it’s Taco Tuesday, of course! Not sure if it’s really common knowledge or just popular here (because I live in an area populated by a lot of Mexicans – meaning amazing Mexican restaurants!), but Taco Tuesdays are when taco joints have reduced prices. ^_^

My boyfriend went all out for himself – he ordered 8 tacos. My amount of tacos was half of his. :p These tacos were a good size, too. We had carnitas, chicken, al pastor, and fish tacos. It’s a small, legit taco place that makes really great authentic tacos. Outside of the building is a really cool mural. I couldn’t get the entire thing (it’s missing the guy’s head) because a stupid car was parked in front of it (the parking lot is small, and sometimes people park there even though it’s not a parking spot). -.-