I’ve got one more week of finals to battle my way through and then that will be the end of my last winter quarter at university, ever. It’s a crazy thought. But for now I just gotta focus on getting through it – and hopefully with a few flying colors.

Of course, as I type this, I am sick. I call it a tradition because I always get sick before exams. I have my first exam tomorrow that I haven’t studied for since I’ve been sick. *sweatdrop* Hopefully I get better real soon.

I’ve been really behind in blogging, commenting, and my photo project. T_T It’s like whenever I get busy with school, it’s like Faded Out turns into a dead zone, lol. Hopefully I’ll be more active after this is over – my last quarter of university (spring quarter) consists of less consistent attendance. Meaning, I will have 1 weekly night class (3 hrs), 2 weekly biology labs (4 hrs each), and research lab. So although I have huge chunks of class time, I don’t have to be on campus every day. Hopefully I can finish with a bang in terms of grades and learning, and gain something else with my free time as well – like reconnecting with friends, blogging, volunteering, getting a job.