Hi! So…I kind of thought that maybe once spring break came along, I’d revive this dead silence…but obviously I didn’t. It’s Friday already, and I start school again on Monday. T_T I think I’m a little burnt out from school as well. Honestly, I think it will be another phase where a blogger loses time and interest, but a little down the road it will pick back up again. That always happens to me. I’ve never left this place permanently.

Despite the slowing of actual personal blog posts and articles, I would have continued my daily photo & post project, but…

I guess the major factor is the loss of my cameraT_T I left it at one of the restaurants we went to, and they said they didn’t find anything. I haven’t really told anyone yet, because I have this tiny ray of hope that it will turn up from some kind soul. Of course, the ray of hope is a very small sliver. -.- A super slim & purple camera with a memory card in tact AND the camera case is probably too tempting for anyone to turn in. SIGH. Not going to lie, I cried over it. It was a gift to me. I’ve gotten a year of good use out of it and so many memories were preserved.

This is why I hate “finder’s keepers”!!! One time someone next to me finished their final exam early and literally jumped out of their seat to turn it in and get the heck outta there. When I turned my test in (waaay after the guy left), I noticed his laptop was still under his seat! So what did I do? I turned it in to the professor because I knew he’d be back for it once his senses came back to him. Unfortunately me turning that laptop in wasn’t enough karma to get my camera back. Okay, well after this blog post I don’t want to think about my camera anymore – I start to feel sick about how selfish people can be.