45 ideas for dates! Perfect for both new couples and long-term couples. When you’ve been together with someone for a long time, you start to run out of ideas of things to do together. But fear not! If you guys still enjoy each other’s company, then you will find something to do together. ^_^

  1. Watch a movie – but there are many ways to watch one!
    • At home with a DVD (owned or rental)
    • At home, streaming it online
    • In the movie theaters
    • At the dollar theater
  2. Going out to eat – I personally love checking out great places on yelp.com before choosing a place to try out
  3. Dine at different restaurants for every course. Drinks at one place, appetizers at another, main course at another, and dessert at another. You get to experience a lot of different places in just one night.
  4. Work on a food blog together
  5. Go to a drive-in diner – eating in the car can be a fun and intimate dining experience!
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Watch a play or a musical
  8. Have a picnic – you can buy take out or make your own food. It can be as casual or fancy as you want it to be.
  9. Go to a restaurant and only order some drinks and/or appetizers. It gives you a better chance to talk and enjoy each other & the atmosphere rather than focusing on food.
  10. Have a cooking adventure – pick out nice recipes that you’d like to work on and eat together
  11. Have a craft night – guy builds a model kit, girl makes origami…or hey, who needs to conform to society – you can reverse that if you want :p
  12. Play games together – whether it’s taboo online, video games, online games, or old-fashioned board games.
    • For the nerds out there, it’s pretty fun getting married “in-game” and working together on quests; usually married couples get extra in-game benefits.
  13. Go to the beach (take naps and build a sand castle), or a hike, or a leisurely walk
  14. Go to an amusement park – roller coaster rides, water parks, etc
  15. Visit a museum
  16. Start a new TV series, anime, or a drama together. Have a marathon with snacks!
  17. Have a double date with another couple
  18. Go to the mall or a random store to browse. Pick out clothes for each other.
  19. Go to a bookstore, pick out a handful of books, and read some at a table or couch.
    • One time my boyfriend and I picked out one of those cheesy, smutty romance novels and read it together (silently in our heads of course!) while suppressing our giggling.
  20. Go on a road trip – plan out your destination, any pit stops, pick out a playlist of music for the car
  21. Go to a pool or jacuzzi
  22. Mini-golfing and arcade
  23. Go out at a really late hour in the night – midnight or 3 am, whatever is possible & late for you – and get something that settles down those late night munchies! The fact that you’re both together and out so late makes it a memorable experience.
  24. Bowling
  25. Carnival or fair
  26. Visit aquarium or zoo
  27. Go to the grocery store to buy ingredients and cook a meal, bearing in mind that your goal is to make a fancy meal with as little money as possible. You can make it a contest to see who makes the fanciest & cheapest meal, or make it a team effort.
  28. If you both like animals, visit a pet store together to bask in cuteness and pet some furry friends.
  29. Go to a music concert
  30. Keep track of any local events to go to – like an annual garden show, or parades during the holidays, etc.
  31. If you’re of legal drinking age – go to a winery for wine tasting
  32. Go to a swap meet and look for junk that might be treasure to you. You can also choose a price limit and buy something for each other as a surprise.
  33. Go fishing – hopefully one of you is good at it…or you two can have a good laugh at how horrible the both of you are.
  34. Go thrift store hunting. Some of the stuff you’ll find can be very hilarious or horrifying!
  35. Work on a puzzle & frame it
  36. Mysterious date: Ask your partner random/ambiguous questions with two choices that are each 1 word only. Compile all of the answers for your next date! For example: Fast or slow? (Go-kart racing or mini-golfing) Hot or cold? (Hot fudge cake or cold ice cream) Green or blue? (Park or Beach) Pink or yellow? (Pink flower or yellow flower)
  37. Go to a comedy club
  38. Go on a date together – but here’s the catch – pretend that it’s the first time you’ve ever met. Or if you want to be silly and have a hilarious time, you can pretend it’s your first date but take on completely different personas and pretend to be different people. Role play! It can be dramatically serious or ridiculously hilarious.
  39. Roast some marshmallows and make some s’mores. You can do this with a little s’more maker, unscented candle, a bonfire pit in the backyard if you have one, or even on the stove if you have a gas-powered one. You can even set up a tent in the backyard or have a makeshift one made of blankets in your bedroom!
  40. Gather lots of magazines & colored ads and work on a collage together. You two can create a theme or just make it completely random.
  41. Work together on remodeling or decorating a room
  42. Hike up a hill that overlooks your city – somehow a hill overlooking the city always has romantic vibes
  43. Go to an older part of town, where it’s better to walk than drive, and there are lots of small little shops. Nice lights at night is a bonus.
  44. Take a fun class together, like a cooking class
  45. Karaoke – and if you’re over the legal drinking age, drunken karaoke :p