I decided to paint my nails with an easter/spring theme last week. I love painting my nails (if you don’t already know) because the process is fun for me, and the outcome makes me happy every time I look at my nails. ^_^ I went with a pastel green color with white polka dots and a little chick on my thumbs.

Spring Nails

The green color is called Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen. It came into mind because two weeks ago I painted a friend’s nails, and at first she chose my Mint Sorbet color, but as soon as I applied it to one nail she freaked out at the bright color and decided to go for a less extreme color. :p I decided pairing the green with some white polka dots would make it look softer and tone down the green a bit. I went for the chickie on my thumbs because when else will I be wearing yellow?! The white egg shell kind of tones down the yellow as well. I’m loving this polka dot deal; I’ll probably do it more often to spice up plain nail polish if I don’t do any designs!

P.S. My camera is still M.I.A. (but probably gone forever by now), sadly. However, I put my noggin to use and realized I could use my really old camera that I first had in 7th grade (that was 8 years ago!). It’s missing some screws and has the battery life of 3 minutes max, but it gets the job done if I want to post a quick picture to my blog like this.