Here are some prom tips for the girls or ladies in high school! How to prepare, what to do, what to bring, what not to do for prom. You only have prom in high school, so make sure you enjoy the experience. ^_^

  1. Keep a compact mirror in your purse for a quick touch up. Might also come in handy if you have a booger up your nose or something in your eye :)
  2. Have a safety pin handy in case a strap or something falls from your dress, and bandages for blisters or booboos!
  3. Lipgloss/lipstick and makeup for any retouches during the night. If you’re going to take any professional pictures, take them towards the beginning of prom rather than the end, so that you don’t look all disheveled by then.
  4. Wear deodorant!!! Prom will be hot and sweaty with all of the people dancing in one huge clump. Everyone’s sweat and B.O. will mingle in the air, so try to minimize yours at least.
  5. Tissues for tears, stains, boogers, etc.
  6. Bring a clutch to put everything inside of it, including your phone. It’s best to be prepared and compromise by carrying a clutch, rather than having nothing. If you really don’t want to carry anything, you can consider asking your date if he would keep your belongings in his pockets.
  7. Keep a mindful watch of your belongings at prom. The last thing you need is to be upset over your lost or stolen items.
  8. If you want to keep your dress a surprise from your date, but still have him match his tie or suit to your dress, take a picture of your dress and crop it so that he can see a square swatch of the color only.
  9. Don’t let the “date” thing phase you out too much. Someone might ask you to prom, or you might ask someone to prom. Your date can be someone you’re romantically interested in, or just a mutual friend. If you decide to go solo to prom night, it is not a big deal! You will still have a great time with your friends. If you know someone else who doesn’t have a date, you two can stick together once the slow dances come on and hang out somewhere nice to rest & talk.
  10. Make safe decisions during prom night! You want to have fun, but not do illegal or stupid stuff that could ruin your night. Choose the right people to enjoy your prom night with, and have a plan of what you’re going to do before and after prom.
  11. Go for a limo only if you have enough people to split the cost with to make it worth the price. I personally didn’t end up going in a limo – and it was a wise choice that left me perfectly happy, to be honest. I didn’t have to fork over extra cash or worry about everyone being on time at the right place, etc. It was one less stress that I had to deal with! On one hand you do get to ride in a limo for prom, and there are probably very few occasions that warrant the use of a limo. On the other hand, you’re paying a lot of money and stress over a limo that merely takes you from point A to point B. It’s up to you!
  12. Start looking for a prom dress very early on. This translates to months in advance. Most of the girls going to prom will need to look for a dress, and you don’t want to be caught wearing the same dress, or be left with a very small selection of dresses in stock a week before prom. You want to start early so that you can feel comfortable about waiting until you find the right dress, rather than settling for whatever you find towards the end.
  13. Sometimes the preparation before going to prom is the most fun part for a girl. Go for the works if you feel like it! Get your hair done, make up, do your nails. Have a little photoshoot before going to prom. Share the pre-prom experience with a one or more of your girlfriends to make it extra fun.
  14. Wear shoes that you’ve broken in – not some stilettos you just got the day before! Take flats or at least less extreme heels into serious consideration. Girls with long dresses are in luck if they want to wear comfortable shoes, you can’t really see your feet anyway. You want to look great, but you also want to have a great time the entire night, rather than being miserable about how much your feet hurt. It’s no fun if you spend half the night sitting at a table in pain! Most girls will end up taking their shoes off during prom night and dance barefoot – if that ends up being you, be careful not to get stepped on. At the end of the night, if your feet are killing you, ask your date nicely if he will lend you his socks so you can walk in them till you get to the limo or car. It’s much better than walking barefoot outside.
  15. Last but not least, the most important tip of all, in my opinion. Make the best of your prom night, and don’t let anything get you down. When something bad happens, just tell yourself, “I’m not going to let anything ruin my night. I’m just going to have a good time.” I honestly did that during my prom day/night and I decreased my stress level by a factor of ten. It sounds really obvious and cheesy but you will not believe the number of complaints I hear about prom being a “disaster” when it really could have been their best night.