Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

Being able to email people is such an amazing tool. We no longer have to rely on the good old snail mail to get information or messages out to people. We have our internet service with satellite star internet Hughes, and I rely on it every single day to communicate with the world. When we only used the U. S. Mail, we had to go through all the time and expense to buy envelopes and stamps and even paper and pen. Then we would have to take what we were mailing outside to the mailbox and hope that we had not missed the mailman that day. Otherwise it would be put off another day for the mail to even go out. The only expense you have now is the initial costs of a computer and internet service which you use for many more things than just email. You now can just type your email message and press send, and your message is instantly sent to someone else’s email address. You don’t have to wait a few days for someone to receive your message. And you don’t have to wonder if something got lost in the mail. Your message just magically instantly appears in someone else’s inbox and just waits for them to open it.