Hmm, been unintentionally M.I.A. from the blog world again. All I remember is that I somehow had a horribly stressful week last week…or two?

It all seems like a blur to me! But I think somewhere in the last two weeks there was (commence list of complaints):

  • A paper due (which I totally procrastinated on like usual and ended up staying up till 6am finishing).
  • Me spending an hour before the deadline figuring out how to print my paper double sided (not for free, mind you) at the computer lab.
  • Me getting freaked out at yellow lights after two incidents (one where I hit the brakes too fast & hard for a yellow light, the other where I sped ahead during a yellow light and was still in the huge intersection when it turned red).
  • A quiz for Juvenile Gangs.
  • A test for Microbio Lab.
  • A horrible experience with finding parking at school – now I’ve learned my lesson not to come after 11am on Tues/Thurs or else I will circle the parking structure for 20 minutes in vain and THEN I need to take another 20 minutes to park in a different lot far away and take the shuttle to campus.
  • Me having a really stressful time in Microbio Lab. (At the end of one of our 50 minute periods I barely got started with the day’s tasks *sweatdrop* Thank goodness my TA is so nice about letting us stay overtime…)
  • The fact that I automatically got 5 points docked off on a quiz because I didn’t realize we had to bubble in “Test Form A” (we all had the same test and there were no versions at all).

SO ANYWAYS, besides the complaints…today turned out to be a great day for a change. ^_^ I got my score back for Microbio Lab and I think my score was in the top 5 of my class of about 160! I mean, I know I studied a decent amount but sometimes I wonder how that happened (sometimes I study really hard and do horrible lol)!

Once school was over, I hung out with my boyfriend at around 5pm and we went out for some free ice cream at Haagen Dazs. Today was their free cone day! BF got rocky road and I got vanilla (I think Haagen Dazs has the best vanilla ice cream there is. Hands down.) Ending my day with free yummy ice cream? Yeah, I’m in a sweeter mood now. ^_^

Haagen Dazs