Once again, Faded Out has risen from a long slumber, lol. I worked hard for the last few weeks of school, and finished my last classes as a college undergraduate (ending strong with an A- in juvenile gangs, A in research, A microbio lab, and A in limnology lab!). Graduation took place about a week ago, and ever since then I’ve kind of had brain-dead time to do the leisurely things that I love! I’ll write more about it all later (hopefully). Honestly I’ve had a lot of relaxing downtime the last week, and I really need to get back into gear (despite it being summer vacation). I should be reviewing physics right now and taking my 4 hour diagnostic exam online (I’ll explain later) but I really, really wanted to wake this place up first. I really want to get back to visiting everybody’s blogs again sometime soon, too.

I got tired of the old layout, so I finally changed it. If you know me at all, you’ll know that it’s a rare sight for me to change my layout, lol. It won’t change for a year or even years. I just don’t have the expertise nor the inspiration for it. I kept the old color scheme because it’s summer and bright colors make me happier. Until next time (soon?)!