Firmoo sent me a free pair of prescription sunglasses for review on my blog! Check out if you’re interested in getting some cheap glasses or sunglasses for yourself. Your first normal pair is free to try (Lens + Frame)! All you have to pay for is shipping.

Recently, I received my prescription sunglasses in the mail – okay I lied…I actually had to pick it up at my local post office because nobody was home when it was delivered. The post office that my package was sent to was the most ghetto place ever! There wasn’t even an official parking lot. You kind of just have to parallel park alongside the shady curb or park at a taco place nearby and then walk over to the post office. LOL. Anyway, I digress.

Sunglasses with case and pouch

It came inside of a bubble-wrap padded envelope. The sunglasses were inside of the case. Also included was a cloth, a nice pouch, a screwdriver keychain for the glasses, and a few extra screws. The screwdriver/screws are very handy; I hate it when your glasses get loose, or you lose a screw. I actually really like the world map design of the case itself, not too many glasses come with default cases that have designs on them.

As for the glasses themselves, they fit me just fine, and had the right amount of tinting. My eyes are still visible while wearing them, but there is enough tint so that the sun doesn’t hurt my eyes. The only thing that bothered me was the very tip of one of the stems. The plastic was a little rough at the end, so it kind of hurts if I don’t take care when taking my glasses off. The rough plastic would scratch my ear a little upon removal.

Firmoo Sunglasses

Other than that, I am so happy to have received my pair of prescription sunglasses! To be honest, these are my first pair of sunglasses that are prescription. Thank you, Firmoo! In the past, I would have to wear normal sunglasses with no prescription and since I don’t wear contacts, obviously I couldn’t see far objects very well. Now I can wear a pair of sunglasses while driving or be able to see objects at a distance when I’m out in the sun. Whoo! 8-) No more missing out on seeing something weird in the distance that my friends point out to me while I’m wearing my sunglasses, haha. :D

I have a funny story about my first time wearing these sunglasses while driving! As soon as I entered a parking structure, it was dark inside, so I was like, “Oh crap, I better take off my sunglasses so I can see better.” I took ’em off my face immediately, and realized that was a BAD idea – I forgot I kind of need them to see clearly, since they’re prescription, LOL. My normal prescription eyeglasses were in their case, so they weren’t readily available to stick on my face. So I immediately put the prescription sunglasses back on my face. hahaha. Whoops, I had a bit of a silly moment right there.