Wheee, finally had the chance to visit a Daiso store – it is the home of really cute and random items for $1.50! They have some items that are more expensive as well, but they are appropriately labeled. I am a SUCKER for really cheap and cute things. It contains stuff I never knew I needed! Daiso is completely cute-ified. The minute you walk in, you’re surrounded by the color pink and lots of hearts. Every man’s worst fear, muahaha. *_*

My Daiso Goods

My boyfriend probably hated me for it, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself by going through every aisle. *sweatdrop* When I like to browse, I really like to browse. I go through each aisle in order to look at everything. My mom has been weathered by age so she absolutely hates dawdling around – she’s a go in, buy what you need, and GTFO type of person. So if we ever go together to a store I want to browse, she’d probably ditch me and tell me to meet her back at home when I’m done. LOL.

My boyfriend has grown accustomed to my browsing habits, but on this particular day we went to Daiso, we had a big meal at Buffalo Wild Wings and he was in a food coma. Which meant he was sleepy and grumpy while I wanted to give in to my browsing, lol. He was a party pooper, but still endured my browsing. :p

I limited myself to just 4 things since I didn’t have much cash on me. I’ve been looking for cheap picture frames everywhere! Daiso is heaven-sent! :p I like displaying pictures, but I don’t feel like spending $20 on one frame. Why are frames so expensive??? Is it because they are made of wood and glass I guess? Anyway, Daiso has both plastic and glass covered frames (with lesser quality of course) for $1.50 so now I can display a ton of pictures for the price of one normal-priced frame.

I also got a Nintendo DS stylus that attaches to the “phone charm” slot of the DS so you’ll never lose it.

The popsicle mold was a ” O_O MUST BUY” kind of thing for me, just because I used to imitate the whole homemade popsicle thing when I was a kid. I would put orange juice in ice cube trays and stick popsicle sticks in them, lol. I’m thinking fruity popsicles or banana popsicles with this mold.

I LOVE DAISO! We have to go back soon! And boyfriend promised we’ll go when he’s well-rested so that he’ll want to look around and buy stuff too, rather than be a party pooper. :p Hey, he should be happy! Instead of bugging him to take me to a candle-lit dinner, all I ask is to go to a cheap store where I buy my own crap. haha.