Today was really hot (for our standards anyway :p )…but for the past three days I’ve had a fever. T_T The worst part about having a fever in the summer is how much more amplified the heat is! Ironically, it wasn’t even that hot until after I started getting a fever. :/

It was really strange…First my head hurt, and oddly enough if I moved my head too quickly or looked from the corners of my eyes, I would feel pain. Later that day I broke out into a fever, and it’s been going on ever since Saturday. I’ve never had a fever with no other usual symptoms before. I tried Googling what was up with that, and it gave me a million possibilities, including cancer and other scary things. lol. Oh, the Internet. Scariness and hilarity all in one place. Reminds me of this meme.

Nothing is gone completely, but everything has decreased – the headache, fever, and pain. My head still hurts, and I’ve been so tired so I’ve mostly been in bed. -_- The rule of thumb is usually 3 days of fever before you really need to go to the doctor, so I think I’m okay now. It’s just bizarre that I really didn’t get sniffles or coughs or sore throats or anything that usually accompanies a fever. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be even better. Argh, now I’m even more behind with the OAT studying. *curls up into a ball*

EDITED TO ADD: So it’s the end of day 4 and I’ve made the speculation that I probably have measles, rubella, or roseola. All of which are distinctive for the 3 day fever with mild to no symptoms afterwards, except for the RASH. And whadya know? Not too long ago, I had found out that one of my childhood vaccines (MMR vaccine) is missing from my records – meaning I never got it for some reason (I guess my mom forgot to take me back for a second dose?), so I recently was planning to get the vaccine at my health center. But ha, luck wasn’t on my side this time because I think the virus got me first. Woooow, what was the chance of that, right? 17 years have passed since I should have gotten the second dose of the vaccine and right when I realize I should go get it, the virus gets me. lol. So now I’m itchy and full of rashes that make me look like a teenager again with tons of pimples. T_T Going to the doc on Fri, but if I’m right about it being one of the previously mentioned viruses, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out.