My brother and I have an eight year age difference, him being the older one. So when I was a kid, he was a teenager. Being like a typical brother, he picked on me and teased me and tried to make me angry or cry, all the time. For this and that, I remember crying to my mom and having him yelled at for not acting his age & more responsible. Even to this very day, as a 30 year old and me as a 22 year old, he still annoys the heck out of me sometimes with his occasional child-like mentality, lol. Sometimes I feel like the older sister. We’ve had disagreements where I once thought I would never talk to him again. You know, the typical sibling kind of thing.

Besides all of the very, very, very annoyed/furious states he did leave me in and still leaves me in sometimes nowadays, the best random moments with him I can name off the top of my head are: times when he would stand up for me, once when he surprised me with a copy of a Harry Potter book that was just newly released because I was in bed all day from my wisdom teeth surgery, all the times he would take me home from school and drive me places, the video games I’d watch him play, the movies we’d watch, and the video games we would play together.

Anyway! Like I said, when I was a little kid, he picked on me all the time. The hilarious thing that I still remember to this day is the fact that him constantly picking on me started showing up in my dreams as well! One night I had a dream that he was picking on me again; I think taking or breaking something that was mine. I think it was a huge fish? You know how incoherent dreams can be sometimes. :p But anyways, that led to me crying out, “That’s mine! That’s my fish!” and ending up in tears. I woke up from the dream (or I guess nightmare!) crying. The next day, my family reported that they heard me screaming from a nightmare the previous night. LOL. My brother’s room is downstairs and mine is all the way upstairs, but the fact that he, too, heard my screaming shows that it was a pretty upsetting nightmare to me! And thus, like I said, his bullying even permeated through my dreams. :p I wonder if lots of little kids end up having funny nightmares about their older siblings too.