The men in our family (dad, brother) drive me crazy when it comes to common household things.

They do NOT know the concept of cleanliness. Wash hands after using the bathroom? Never. If it’s a good day, they might wash it with just water and no soap (what’s the point????). That’s true for a lot of people, but I live with these people, so it’s even worse knowing they’re in my own house. All the stuff they put their hands on….bluuugh. One time my dad took out the trash and when he came back, he used his unwashed hands to handpick ice out of the freezer. And grab onto the stairway railing – I avoid using it for that reason, and when I finally clean it with a disinfecting cloth, it comes out completely black.

My brother just cut up a watermelon and knowing his habits, I told him, “I hope you washed your hands before handling that.” And he said, “They’re clean enough.” Translation: “I didn’t wash them, but meh, they’re clean enough to me.”

He was being really thoughtless and cut up the watermelon on the counter that is less than a foot in space with the drawer open. And I told him that was a bad idea. And what do you know, it fell into the drawer. And on the floor. Then he used a dirty rag to wipe up the floor even when I told him it was dirty. Please note, my brother is a 30 year old man.

I always apologize to guests beforehand if they need to use the downstairs bathroom which doubles as the guest bathroom and THEIR (bro/dad) bathroom. It is usually filthy.

And smelly! Why are they so smelly???

I see now why my mom wears sandals in the downstairs area where we have only hard tiles. They drop stuff and it just gets dirty so that when you walk (we are Asian and do not wear shoes in the house) it sticks to your feet! You can sweep and mop the floor, and the same day it will be dirtied by them again. I am going to start wearing sandals now so I can feel less annoyed.

I do not have O.C.D. nor am I a germ freak. But I certainly FEEL like one when the men in our family have NO standards about being clean. I haven’t complained about my brother or dad on my blog in a long time, but now that my mom is on vacation for a week and I’m the only sane person in the house, I REALLY needed to vent.