I’m trying out the Pomodoro technique again. I’ve got a Pomodoro app for MacBook. Apparently the physical act of winding up a timer & etc. is best to set you up in the right mindset, but I don’t have one and I hate the ticking to be honest. Plus, I’m a high tech kind of gal sometimes (lol) so the Mac app will do just fine. :p

Honestly, it’s a technique that works on and off for me. When I begin using it, my productivity is great. When I’ve been using it for a while, my determination wanes and I don’t even want to use the technique anymore. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a go again. Only used it for a few hours yesterday, but it worked really well in getting me to do something rather than never being able to get over the toughest hump (getting started).

When this technique does work, I think it’s because I know I only need to stay focused for 25 minutes. If I feel antsy or want to do something else, I look at the timer and think, I’ve only got ___ minutes left to go, might as well stick through with it. And in the end that helps me a lot rather than never getting started or getting distracted too easily.

Of course, the danger is always getting tired of using the technique and going back to not using it at all. We’ll see.