I graduated from university in June and my school health insurance didn’t end until Sept. 21. Because of that, I totally took advantage of the few months I had left of health insurance. Health insurance is amazing. I really need it (well, duh). I don’t know how my dad can be okay with not having health insurance (he’s been unemployed for a year now). Youngin’s here can be on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26, but honestly, I don’t know when my dad will ever get a good job again (he hasn’t been looking) for that to actually benefit me.  So I’m just going to have to really take care of myself and try to get my own insurance asap down the road.

I got the yearly women’s health exam, a yearly physical exam with blood test, a tetanus booster, a TB test (clearance required to work with kids), and other personal stuff. Felt like I was stuck with needles everywhere, haha. If I were to give practical advice to any underclassmen who have school health insurance – it is to really USE it for the entire duration of school! I had friends who, just like me, didn’t discover all of our benefits until it was my last year of college. I missed out on a free pair of glasses every year. Our fault, of course, but to be honest with you, I was never given a booklet that explicitly stated my benefits (like free yearly this and that). I finally looked into it when a friend told me about it and I did extensive searching online for all of the pdf documents. *smacks head* That was stupid, I’ll admit. Oh well, at least I did end up taking advantage of it after all.

The doctor said I have a really mild scoliosis, apparently. My brother has it, too. She knew my insurance was ending, but suggested  physical therapy someday, since it might be what’s affecting my breathing. I have issues breathing from time to time – it just feels like I can’t get a good breath of air. It’s usually due to anxiety though (I get anxiety pretty easy…), since she checked my lungs through x-ray and there was nothing wrong. She said ab strengthening will help put less stress on my back though, so I’ll try and do that.

Made blueberry muffins today. I love real blueberries in pastries! Artificial flavoring has nothing on real blueberries. I love how they pop open and ooze out blueberry juice into the pastry.

Yummy blueberry muffins