I’m still alive. Just trying hard to study for my entrance exam & finally get it over with soon.

I’m not sure how my dad turned out to be such a goof. How do you grow to be almost of retirement age, and not know how to do anything for yourself?  How does he not know that you have to turn on the vent over the stove if you’re frying food? And that it’s common sense to fry the pan on the farthest side of the stove, nearest to the wall, so that the oil doesn’t splatter all over the floor? I caught him halfway through his cooking to turn on the vent for him and tell him to place the pan away from the edge, but by then the oil already was on the floor, our entire house smelled like burnt food, and the oily smoke was soaking up into the wooden cabinets nearby.

He’s learning to do his own laundry now (my mother always did it for him), but last week I heard him bossing my brother around and telling him to dry his laundry for him. *roll*

He’s really learning the silliest things at such a late stage in his life. My mother spoiled him too much his entire life by doing everything for him. I got him to wash his own dishes by doing my own and leaving his until it piled up – he got the picture and started washing them. But my mom (she totally didn’t heed my words) decided to do them one day when she felt like having a clean sink. The day after, he stopped washing his own dishes, probably assuming she was going to wash them again for him the next day. Despite the fact that he’s unemployed and just sits to watch TV instead of doing his own chores. Come on. I just wanna slap some sense into the man. I don’t know how I’d ever survive without venting about him.

My mom always wants me to be the middleman and tell him this and that about all the stuff he’s doing but god freaking damn it. I am not a middleman and I don’t want to be one! UGH! I love my dad just because he’s my dad but I really want as little interaction with him as possible. *sighs*