Chubs: *preening self* Hey. Is that a camera? No paparazzi! Get that camera outta mah face!

lol :D

This will be the beginning of my “Meet Chubs” posts! haha. He is my pet cockatiel (6 years old as of now), and he is one kooky dude. I think he is terribly amusing so I thought it’d be nice to share.

I figured one day I’d do some chores before putting Chubs to sleep. I went into my walk-in closet to put some clothes away. As soon as I finished, I rushed out of the closet, slamming the door closed behind me, turned off the lights, and went to put Chubs back in his cage for bedtime since it was getting late.

I went downstairs to look for him but found his cage open and empty. He was so quiet I forgot he was still in my room! So I went back to my room, but I still couldn’t find him! I searched ALL over the house for him, and was starting to get worried. Then it dawned on me – the closet! I turned on the light, opened the door, and there he was! Poor guy! Sitting in my closet, all alone, in the dark for a couple of minutes while I looked for him all over the house. LOL. That sneaky bird must have followed me in there when I wasn’t looking. :p