Hello everyone! Honestly, I wasn’t sure when my next blog update would be! I’m so glad that it’s…well, right now. I told myself I wouldn’t update until after I caught up with my word count for NaNoWriMo. Almost a week passed by and I still had not caught up yet!But here I am, finally, phew!

Candy Corn Nails

Well first of all, happy belated Halloween! I’ve been trying to keep up with my jogging a few times a week, and every time I make rounds throughout the neighborhoods, I just love looking at the houses. Decorated houses are so much fun to look at. We saw some awesome looking ones that went all out with mazes (complete with walls that indicated entrances and exits) that they set up! On Halloween night, my boyfriend drove us past the house on our way home just to see if anyone was there. It was a big hit. A lot of kids and older teens were seen congregating in front of the house. It was complete with screams and another house next door playing loud dance music and flashing lights. Now that is what I call a fun night. :p

I’m “too old” to celebrate Halloween in the form of trick-or-treating anymore – which I totally get because if I were the one giving out candy, I’m expecting to see cute little munchkins in costumes, not pimple-ridden older kids/adults begging for free candy. :D So now I’m at that age where celebrating Halloween means wearing lingerie and calling that a costume, and drinking alcohol at a party. For the record, I’ve never done either of the above…yet?

Anyway, I digress. For Halloween I attempted to continue on my quest to study for my entrance exams. To make it more fun (or as close to fun as you can get when you’re studying for stuff you don’t want to study for), I study a lot with the boyfriend. We’re never studying for the same thing (we’re on different ends of the spectrum in terms of career goals), but having the support & company there is all that you really need sometimes. Well, anyway, I say “attempt” because it’s Halloween. Ended up giving out candy instead, despite the fact that not that many kids came around to his area.

When we went back to my house, we kept the lights off and played Slender Man the game. (Which basically consisted of me watching the boyfriend play :p ) Have you ever heard of Slender Man? He’s basically a creepy, very tall (obviously slender) guy(?) in a dark suit with no face. If you look at him, you start to lose your sanity and in the game your video camera goes all wonky. Afterwards, if you can’t escape, who knows what he does to you. The game had a spooky atmosphere – everything was a little too quiet for comfort – but it wasn’t too bad at first. Your goal is to go around and find eight pages. It started picking up when Slender Man kept making his appearance more and more often! Me: “Wait, go back in the building, I think you might have missed something since you didn’t look left and right…” Him: *serious tone* “No, I can’t go back in there.” Hahaha. I think after finding like 2 pages, we took too long so our flashlight battery died. It was only time before Slender Man got us. We knew he was coming – our light source had died! And yet…still…we both screamed like little girls when he teleported in front of us & hijacked the screen, scaring the bejeebus out of us. We had a good long laugh after that. My mom asked me the next day if I was watching a scary movie because she heard us screaming downstairs. :p

And now, NaNoWriMo business! National Novel Writing Month! The goal is 50k words in 30 days. Oh Boy. Like I said, today was the first day I finally CAUGHT UP on my word count. I’m finally at 10k words and today is the end of Day 6!

I’m struggling. It takes me WAY too long to meet my daily word count because I can’t shake the habit of spending too long planning and not actually writing. Nitpicking and editing! You’re encouraged to just keep writing with complete “literary abandon” but I am struggling hard with this idea! *sweatdrop* But boy do I wanna reach the end!

This might be a really bad idea when I’m trying to study for my OAT exam but¬†NaNoWriMo has been one of my dreams since high school (now a college graduate). And I’ve always wanted to write a completed novel ever since I was a child (published or not). So I’m gonna tackle this dream, finally! I don’t know how the consequences will be on my OAT studying, and I don’t know if I’ll even be able to finish¬†NaNoWriMo. But I’m gonna try. Are you in? Either way, I’m gonna need the encouragement. :p