I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day even when I was single because I would get excited over making cards and giving out candy to my friends. So you can imagine I like to make my boo feel special on Valentine’s Day. Better yet, V-Day is our anniversary, haha. This year it was our 6 year anniversary. It has not been as easy as a slice of pie for us all of this time, but maybe that makes it all even better. Anyway, we enjoy sharing our anniversary celebration with all the other couples out there for V-Day, so it’s not a problem for us. ^_^

My gifts for him

Although I did draw and color the Jake & Lady Rainicorn (from Adventure Time) picture myself, I don’t take credit for the idea of the picture itself. My boyfriend and I love Adventure Time. It is the best cartoon ever! It is intended for kids but there is so much quirkiness, hilarious innuendos, and wonderful story telling that I can proudly say it’s one of my favorite shows. Anyway, since we love the show and made it a pasttime to watch the show together, I thought it’d be cute to make a Jake plushie and a handmade Adventure Time Valentine card. It really brought memories back making that childish Valentine card. The old days of making handemade cards for your classmates and the strong scent of crayons. I remember him wanting a dog tag necklace before, so I decided to get him one. Get it? Jake the dog. And a dog tag necklace? Geeeet it? :p A personalized owl card, some freshly baked brownies, and a wrist strap for his iPod Nano to top it all off.

His presents for me :)

The dinner we had

If you notice, most of my gifts are food-related, LOL. He knows me best and knows I like to eat good food. He said his theme was “strawberries,” hence the choco-covered strawberries he made himself, the amazing strawberry cream croissants, and the cute card he made for me. That silly guy decided to make chocolate strawberries the night before and then the morning of Valentine’s Day he drove to get the croissants – all during the rush before an assignment he still had to work on that was due that day. Ha ha, he’s so funny. At least he managed it all in the end. 8-) He also got us matching throw blankets at my request (he was panicking about not having any ideas so I just told him :p ) – they are the softest, most comfortable throw blankets I’ve ever had! They are just the thing on late study nights or movie nights. And then he took us out to dinner. We chose a pretty awesome restaurant and in the pictures you can see how much we indulged. :p

As you can see, we try really hard to make it spectacular for the other. :p We really enjoyed ourselves. 6 years is a long time, considering that means we’ve been together since we were still teenagers (I was 17) and are now in our early twenties. But in a way, it doesn’t feel that long at all. Life flashes by before your eyes. We just have to do our best to enjoy it, and try our best to work things out.