I just posted three other blog posts recently. I guess you could call it catching up. I had already written the earliest two of the three a while ago, but I didn’t publish them until now. The most recent post before this one kinda explains what’s been up with me the last few months.

Project 365: What else is new… I attempted Project 365 (1 photo a day) again this year because my boyfriend encouraged us both to do it, but recently we both fell out of it which leaves nobody to encourage the both of us to continue it. lol. Oh well! It was fun while it lasted. From now on maybe I’ll just try my best to take more pictures in general and not necessarily make it at least 1 a day anymore.

Google Reader: Did you guys hear about Google Reader (rss feed reader) shutting down in July? Bummer. Well, after poking around I saw that most people are switching over to Feedly because of the seamless transfer from Google Reader to Feedly. I gave it a go and transferred my account as well. Worked like a charm and so far I’m liking it. They even have a nice smartphone app, but it definitely caters more aesthetically than it does functionally. The site itself is much more superior.

Food Blog: Hmm, yes…I started up a food blog with my boyfriend a long time ago but we never really opened it up to the public. I’m not sure how comfortable we are about sharing it with our friends (you know, FaceBook and such), but for now I’m finally okay with linking to it from this blog. (Even now I still haven’t made Faded Out public to FB or friends.) If you don’t know by now, I love eating good food. Yelp has opened up the world of food for us, and finding new places with good food is like going on a new exploration. We are not food snobs, so we eat anywhere ranging from fast food to nicer restaurants (…within budget). Our food blog is called Happiness on a Plate. Since it’s a food blog, it contains some of my cooking attempts too. :p

Well, hopefully I’ll be back to blogging again. Like I mentioned in my last post I kinda lost interest in…everything lately. But I know more than half the battle is all in my head so I’m forcing myself to be happier and a better person. :p