Painted nails and beer, girliness at its finest, isn’t it? I kid, I kid. But I will talk about both today. :p

I painted my nails pink a few weeks ago and attempted to do a gradient with pink glitter at the tips. My pink glitter is a little container of loose glitter, not the glitter nail polish type, so I experimented with making a “paste” by mixing the loose glitter with clear nail polish (aka topcoat) and painted that over the tip, lessening the amount of strokes at the far end each time to create the gradient effect. It turned out okay, but the glitter tips were extremely thick from the repeated strokes I did over the tip. I would say that method is only good for one or two strokes max.

Pink nails & glitter

If you’re going for a gradient look, it might end up too chunky and thick like mine did. Because of that, the tips bunched up and pushed up my finger throughout the day since it was too thick to dry properly…annoying. From afar, my friend said they looked really good, but up close you could see my exposed white fingernail because of the glitter bunching up from the tips. :p

So this time I tried a different method and after a fresh coat on one nail, I would pick up glitter with a dry brush and pat it into the wet nail polish. It works much better, but it was difficult to achieve the gradient look since you have to work super fast before the nail dries (and a lot of brands are great at quick dry time nowadays). It ended up looking more like some glitter french tips, but oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about the annoying chunky glitter tips & chipping off my finger within an hour of doing housework. :p I guess if you want good gradient glitter nails, your best bet would be glitter nailpolish since it’s easier to work with.

I used Sephora OPI’s “Let’s Do Lunch” color as the base. That color gives me mixed feelings. It’s kind of like an orangey-pink. Coral. On one hand, I like that it’s pinkish and cutesy and girly. On the other hand, it leans towards being between pink and orange and for some reason that color just strikes me as a little ugly. Haha, weird, I know.

Belgium Beer

As for the beer portion of this post, I tried Belgium beer the other day when my dad was drinking a bottle and offered a few sips to me. I had one from Samuel Adams brand, to be exact. Damn, it was good! And that is really saying something because I hate beer oh so much. I’ve tried “normal” beer a few times (you know, like Bud Light) and it felt like I was drinking pee (even though I’ve never tasted pee before…promise! lol). Sure, people drink beer for the effects and not the taste, but ugh! It tastes terrible! I’d rather take a shot and get it over with. Belgium beer, on the other hand, is wonderfully sweet. There is no disgusting taste to it. It is a summer beer, according to my parents, so it’s only in abundance once a year.

Of course, this is a girl who’s only had terrible and cheap beer before, so I’m sure it still wouldn’t be able to compare to other top brands for beer connoisseurs. I’m just glad to know not ALL beer out there is as terrible tasting as a can of yellowing, pee-tasting junk. :p