1. Be Asian
  2. Have a sheepish smile on your face
  3. Slap some cutesy stickers on there
  4. Don’t wear makeup
  5. Fix your hair into something that resembles anime hair
  6. Reap the benefits(???)

But seriously though, I decided to take this picture of myself when I woke up one morning and found my hair like that. It was exactly like that when I woke up and I did not do anything to it. Sometimes I sleep with my hair in a ponytail and end up sliding the hairtie away from my head so that it doesn’t bother me when I sleep. When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought, Whoa, I woke up as an anime character! Nice. Unlimited ootoro & taiyaki for me!


Into the age-subtracting-machine we go! …although I guess the machine doesn’t fix morning baggy eyes :p