My cockatiel Chubs likes to snuggle up next to me or next to soft things. He doesn’t like to actually be “cuddled,” unfortunately, but I’ve made peace with just looking at his cuteness and squinting my eyes & pretending to squish him in my hands. Of all places in my entire house, he would prefer being in the presence of somebody and especially next to a person. It’s really cute.

Blanket biting

Here he’s chewing on my sheet. I would prefer him to chew it more often, as opposed to really expensive things like the wires of my charger and the buttons off of a remote control. -_-

Always near me

Of all the places in my room, he would prefer standing riiiight next to me.


If I have a stuffed animal, he’ll prefer being next to that, too. That pink thing is my stuffed dog. :p

Fluffy next to blanket

In the winter, he likes to find a crevice next to my comforter and get all fluffy to keep warm. I love to stare at him when it’s wintertime – he’s SO poofy and cute!