I went to the beach, finally! First and probably the last time this summer – it’s crazy how fast time flies. Luckily it still feels like lovely summer weather even though it’s August. It’s the perfect kind of weather, too, since it’s no longer scorching hot. It’s one of the best things, being able to lay in the shade and listen to the gentle waves crashing.

Nice & Sunny


Rocky area at the beach


Awesome rock

My favorite parts about the beach are: taking a walk/dip along the water, napping in the shade with a cool breeze while it’s still sunny, and eating the food we packed. The highlight of our walk is always the rocky area where there are so many little tide pools.

Listening to my iPod with my little speaker

I always feel anger rising up in me when I see kids and even adults not treating the beach with respect. Some people poke at or try to pick up the sea creatures (sometimes that can mean life or death since they live in a harsh environment and rely on keeping their location) and others leave their trash around – plastics, cups, etc. It makes me feel like an old person but I just want to go up to them and lecture them about it. *puts on old lady glasses and a death glare*

Sea Anemones Under Water

This year my boyfriend and I made a ton of food to last us both lunch and dinner at the beach. We made scotch eggs, Kimchi fried rice, spam musubi, and dumplings (the frozen kind) the night before. The beach we go to has one nice restaurant (a bit pricey) on the shore… Otherwise there is no restaurant or stores within walking distance. We’d like to check out the restaurant one day, but till then, we’ve had a lot of fun bringing along our own food. Since the beach closes at sundown, we usually have our dinner during sunset at the picnic area and watch the sun go down.


By the end of the day we always feel really tired, and really happy.