My boyfriend has been out of the country for two weeks so far (4 weeks total), and I’m still at home figuring out what to do with myself. I thought I’d go bat-poop insane, but I’m surprisingly okay. I had the chance to be pretty productive and see my good friends a couple times in the meantime, but it has come to a stop in the last few days ever since I came down with a really annoying cold (in the middle of summer weather too, ridiculous!). -_- Having a cold during 95 degree F weather, ughhhhhh!

It was my first time visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, which I super enjoyed. That day was super eventful…we went to LACMA, had lunch, saw Blue Jasmin the movie, and went to a gay bar (“there’s a first for everything” was our motto for that night :p ).

I went to volunteer at the soup kitchen I’ve been wanting to volunteer at for the longest time, finally.┬áMost of the volunteers seem to be in high school for required volunteer hours, but some are also there out of free will or older (college or older adults). I picked the afternoon shift because I don’t like being late, so I figured starting at noon (12-4pm shift) would give me plenty of time to sleep enough, eat a quick lunch, and leave early for the place. It was the perfect time to go in terms of all of the above, but I think I’ll prefer morning shifts instead.

I had fun prepping vegetables and making pigs in a blanket, but I spent most of my hours drying an endless amount of dishes and doing other cleaning errands. It felt like the trays and things to be dried were never-ending, haha. It was still a great experience though! I talked briefly with some of the other volunteer girls and the older chef/workers seem like very nice people. It felt good to have been a part of helping less fortunate people enjoy a great meal. I’d like it even better if I had some friends or family with me, but for now I guess I’ll just have to hope I can meet more friendly volunteers in the future.

I definitely would like to continue coming in to help out, hopefully a morning shift so I could do more of the actual food prep. ^_^ I used to think it was a bummer having to do so many endless chores at home, but you really have things put into perspective when you work at a soup kitchen haha ^_^

I also started volunteering at a cancer foundation. From first impressions, the staff/volunteers make it seem like a nice family environment and it seems like a great organization to be involved with.

I’ve also been continuing my job search. I finally got a job interview (it’s just the movie theater, nothing much), but the reference requirements proved more than I could provide…so I kind of had to let that go… D: *sigh* I really need the experience (I’ve never worked a paid day in my life) and I need some money coming in right now. The search continues and I just have to keep trying.

I also bought a math practice book to help me improve on the math section of my OAT. It’s called the Math Destroyer. Serious business. And it was pricy too, so I hope it helps.

…I realize this is all so painfully boring. So I decided to insert some pics from my LACMA trip. And a picture of that massive chocolate cake we shared during dinner once (my friend treated us out to dinner on his first paycheck haha ^_^ )

Tiny little sculptures


Me with a giant painting!

Giant Chocolate Cake