My domain expired for a couple of days; I’m sorry *bows down* My mind’s been all over the place lately, so I didn’t keep a close eye on when I needed to pay to renew my domain! Eek.

It’s all good though…I’m back!

Happy Lunar New Year!

I’ve been attending an 8AM class (cue baggy eyes) for the last two weeks, without actually being enrolled. Human anatomy (& the corresponding lab) is very high in demand and it was never offered at my university (go figure), so I’ve been trying to get into a community college now that I’ve graduated.

I honestly went into class thinking it would be my last day (last day to add/drop and I didn’t see any signs of hope), but the professor emailed me saying I could add! The class is pretty tough and I really don’t believe the professor is that good (he likes to go on and ON about obvious things but he really glazes over difficult things…huge pet peeve of mine). So, I guess a few people decided to drop out. I actually thought to myself, should I drop before the deadline? LOL. But I came to my senses and realized I really shouldn’t. Community college is an entire world cheaper financially. Maybe by eight times???

I just bought my dissection kit, books, and parking permit, so I’ve forced myself to become committed now, lol.

I think my new goal will be to write shorter but more frequent blogs. Because I seem to write really long ones but that will cue my disappearance for weeks, and I really don’t like doing that :( *dusts off blog*