Saturday was the last day my friend was able to spend time with us, since she lives about an hour away and we’ll all be busy in the next week before she goes on her trip to Japan. She is going there for her in-person interviews for jobs and staying indefinitely (she already has a job offer safely lined up). She has become one of my dearest friends who still lives close-ish in the area, so her move is definitely sad for me. Our friendship kind of gradually built up barely in the last two-ish years, but after heavily bonding a few times and staying in touch subsequently, I think we realized how much we clicked. Hopefully she will be back to live here again within 2 years, but regardless of how long it will be, I’ll miss her very much.

For dinner we went to a super yummy gourmet burger place, headed to a nearby bar for some drinks, and then to a nightclub in the area. None of us have ever gone clubbing locally…we’ve only done it big in Las Vegas, haha. So, we were curious what “ghetto” clubbing was like. Honestly, the club we went to was pretty nice and most of the people dressed to impress, so it didn’t feel ghetto at all. There is another nightclub in the area that I heard is the definition of a ghetto club though…maybe I’ll check that out just to say that I did, lol.

Since it wasn’t upscale like a Vegas club, there were a lot of older folks (it was a little off-putting to see 50+ year olds by themselves) and there were definitely more guys than there were chicks (upscale clubs usually enforce a rule where you have to have at least an even ratio of guys:girls to enter a club). Still, I had a really good time with my boyfriend and my friend. I had lovely company and the music was right up my alley (I love EDM). I even talked to this guy, and we both discussed how both of our friends were shy (but he wanted to dance with my friend). It was pretty funny, but they ended up dancing together and it was cute ^_^

Afterwards, we went to IHOP and met up with a fourth friend (who was still feeling under the weather, so he skipped out on the clubbing) for some late night munchies and laughs. We must have spent two hours laughing together! It was a really fun Saturday night…I probably won’t have one like that again in a long while. I knew I’d be sad when we said our goodbyes the next morning, but I didn’t expect myself to really bawl it out! I guess it just shows how near and dear my friend is to me. I’m really glad we got to add a few more great memories to our friendship, and I hope we’ll reunite again sometime in the future for many more to come. T_T