I’m a weird procrastinator. I end up procrastinating my studying until right before any quizzes or exams. There are people who procrastinate and then spend late into the night studying, but I don’t really do that anymore. Instead, I give up and go to bed at a decent hour and then wake up extremely early to study before class. It seems to serve me really well since I am more focused to study. It also works extremely well if said class is later in the day. Unfortunately, that habit is also what makes me a little bit late in the morning if I have a super early class.

Okay okay, so I was late for class for the entirety of last week (we only meet twice a week for 4 hours each…starting at 8AM). Only by ~5-10 minutes max! But yes, late. I think the professor is getting fed up with tardy people because on the second day of last week, he issued a quiz right at 8:00AM for the first time, apparently. I came rushing in late and the quiz was already halfway done (10 questions total – he makes them up on the spot and verbally asks them while writing it on the board as well). My brain was like, oh shnaps, and I blazed through those 5 previous questions in between the new questions he was asking. My results? 9/10! Pheeeew. *sweatdrop*

I figure, okay, I’ve been late way too much recently, so I’m going to leave on time – maybe even slightly early – today. Things are going great, and then I encounter a street where zero cars are moving, even though I can see the reflection of a green light up ahead. Then the light turns red. Cool…maybe there are just a ton of people heading to work today. We’ll move when the next green light occurs. Right…? Green light happens…each car is cautiously going one by one past the intersection only when a space clears up. Something is definitely going on…maybe a car accident?

It turns out that one of the stoplights was broken. The broken light just had to occur right at the intersection where there is also the exit of a freeway. So cars upon cars upon cars are all just going along infuriatingly slowly due to the stoplight now turned into a 4-way stop!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH

I sit through TWENTY minutes of each car inching forward along the street. Usually it takes me TWENTY minutes to get to school. So…I sat in my car muttering expletives and throwing my head back. Despite giving myself half an hour to get to class, I ended up taking FIFTY MINUTES and I was 20 minutes late to class. Ha ha. Despite my efforts, I still ended up being that girl, opening the noisy, metal-latched door and making a rushed walk of shame towards my lab table. Hoooooray. Luckily, the professor decided to give us a quiz towards the end of class today. I really thought I had missed it entirely. Today’s quiz results? 9.5/10. 8-)

…But still. I am pretty sure the entire class is getting pretty acquainted with my name due to this whole routine (Me: *walks into class late* Prof: name? *marks me off on his attendance sheet*). I mean, I’m okay with it, as long as my quiz scores so far have been pretty good (I’m not sure what the avg score is but a few of my tablemates have been scoring around a 4)…I just hope the professor feels the same (probably not). LOL. Well! We shall see how I make it to class on Wednesday. :p