As mentioned in my last post, I said we’d see if I would finally make it on time or not to class. Drum roll please… I made it! I was in my seat at like 7:59AM or something like that (it’s an 8AM class). Two of my tablemates weren’t even there yet by the time I was seated and comfortable. Ironically, there was absolutely no quiz and he didn’t even take roll either. LOL. Of course that would happen. We have a big exam on this coming Wednesday, so I’m going to make sure I arrive early rather than on time, haha.

On a different note, yesterday at my internship, my optometrist asked me to administer the numbing drop and dilation drops myself onto one of her patients. Now that I think about it…I suppose in the end they are just eye drops and they aren’t that big of a deal, but when she asked me to do it, I was really surprised. I definitely did not let the patient know it was my first time doing it on someone, but I must have done it fine and the eye drops must have worked because the doctor was able to check her successfully dilated eyes later.

My responsibilities at her office have definitely been really interesting. I enjoy scribing during her eye exams the most because I get to be in the exam room while she checks her patients and be pretty involved during the exam. Ever since she got a new receptionist though, she seems to want me to help out at the front desk more. It’s honestly not what I want, since as an optometric intern I want to be in the exam room. I get more than enough front desk experience at work. I guess I can’t complain though, since I got the chance to be in the exam room tons of times and it’s been a great experience. We’ll see where it goes from here, I suppose.

I also had an interesting situation occur at work on Friday. A man came in asking me if we were able to make his Google Glass shield into prescription lenses. I personally think they look a bit too awkward for any self-conscious person to wear in public, except for the sunglasses. They look a bit more discreet on the sunglasses. Anyway, I didn’t know the answer to his question so I asked my manager, assistant manager, and our lab guy to see if they knew. They all had absolutely no clue and some of them didn’t even know what Google Glass was. Ooookay. Haha.

So I called up one of the lab customer support numbers affiliated with a certain insurance the guy was going to use and asked them. The customer support rep said he couldn’t tell me over the phone whether it was doable or not – he would have to see it himself. I ended up using my own cell phone to take pictures, email it to our work email, and then email the rep. In the end, the simple answer was no.

However, we can put prescription lenses into these frames that look just like normal glasses (see the video below). There are currently only 4 styles of frames that Google Glass has available to transform your Google Glass into prescription glasses. And of course, they cost an extra $225 on top of your actual Google Glass device ($1500). And it depends on the type of lens/coatings you want on your glasses and what your insurance covers, but the cost to make lenses is probably anywhere from an extra $25-300 dollars. Yeeeep. I suppose someone who is able to afford Google Glass in the first place might not mind about the extra costs of making them into wearable prescription, but I definitely would rather buy other things with two grand, haha.


It makes me wonder, though. When is this Google Glass apparatus going to look “normal” when you’re wearing it out and about? Is it going to cause privacy issues? Will Google Glass be the future of optical sales? Hmm.