Today I went shopping but I went shopping on a major budget. I practically spent nothing. :p

I got this super cute bow clip for like 50 cents at H&M because I used the $6 certificate I got from Wrapp (it’s free). The bow was $4.95 and I needed a minimum of $6 in order to use the certificate so I grabbed a star necklace on sale for $1.50 (it’s actually pretty cute but it was on mega sale because it’s missing a clasp). I also used a coupon I got in the mail for a free Victoria’s Secret undie (valued at $9.50 but no purchase necessary – thankfully, since all their stuff is pretty pricey and I probably wouldn’t get it otherwise). And (the most random in the bunch), I got a coupon for free feminine pads that I bought as well, haha.

Since I didn’t spend anything today, I decided to buy the brush-tip liquid liner from Physicians Formula and some cotton pads for eyeliner removal for $13. I have Asian eyelids that fold in, so I have had no luck in finding eyeliner that won’t smudge. I tried ULTA’s Gel Liner and it’s the first one I’ve used that does not smudge – it’s great! However…their only black color comes with glitter in it. So sad. I like glitter, but not on my lash line…I believe it’s the glitter (or it could just be the eyeliner), but every time a glitter particle falls into my eye during the day, I blink my eye in major pain and surprise. It makes my eyes red too… Just when I finally found a gel liner that doesn’t smudge, I find that it irritates my eye.

Hopefully my experiment with Physicians Formula goes well. It’s supposed to be hypoallergenic, paraben free, etc etc for sensitive eyes, and a lot of reviews report long-lasting wear time without smudging. Honestly, I normally wear zero makeup on my face. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are only when I’m out clubbing like twice a year. Otherwise, I stick to just lip color. I would like to wear eyeliner more often if I could just find one that wouldn’t irritate me or smudge. We’ll see!

On top of all of that, I ended up returning my oxford shoes I bought in December from an online sale at ALDO; I realized I would never actually wear them so I returned them. Thank goodness ALDO has such an amazing return policy!!! They allow returns within anĀ unlimited time frame as long as you haven’t worn the shoes yet. Not in-store credit either…they refunded me back onto my credit card. Awesome. So in the end, I got back more money than I actually spent. If you ever get a chance to stack up your freebies and coupons, I highly recommend you have a cheap shopping day! It’s super fun, satisfying, and really friendly to your wallet. 8-)