Sorry, I failed with the whole shorter-posts-but-more-frequent guideline, but I can see myself going back into that sooner than later! Some random tidbits from the past month…

  • I sold almost $900 at work for just one patient’s glasses job order last week. Thankfully we’re not on commission but if we were that would have been a good day (got a bonus though!) :p I felt bad saying the price so I just showed it to her on my calculator and she was all ready to pay it. The best of the best for: designer frames, progressives lenses, and anti-reflective coating = all super expensive especially when you don’t have insurance.
  • My boyfriend finally ordered me a graphics card for my fairly newly built PC! So….I am now an inhabitant in the world of Tera!!! It’s free but super awesome possum and I’ve been too busy to play much lately but I always crave to play!

    My Character :)

  • At my internship, the doctor really wants me to work for her besides doing my (free) internship with her, but I’m just too busy to accept it. She’s going on maternity leave so I won’t be seeing her for a long time and I’m going to miss her!
  • When my boyfriend and I went to the swapmeet one weekend, I snatched up a Mrs. Field’s Cookie Book for a dollar. I could always look up the recipes online but I feel all special having the book!
  • I spent one weekend at a friend’s new apartment in another city with some of our closest friends. It was super fun. We played Cards Against Humanity, had some drinks, had Thai food for dinner, went to this really awesome arcade place (it had everything including a bar, karaoke, games, photo booths, claw machines, bowling), went to a bar (they don’t serve food so they allow outside food – we brought in “Bold” chicken soft tacos from Del Taco), got late night donuts, and totally K.O.’ed at her apartment. I’ll also mention one of our clumsy friends accidentally kicked the weirdest looking bubble-gum-pink-looking vomit all over my pants and shoes. Yeah. *sick*
  • I finally decided to go with a new pair of glasses at work. I haven’t put in my order for them yet, but soon! They’re much bigger than what I usually wear – big frames are in right now – so it’s a big change for me but I’ll still be wearing my current frames a lot as well.
  • So far on Thursdays, I’m the only staff member working besides the two managers…last Thursday was killer…hopefully that’ll change and they’ll get more people working. Most of our staff is made up of college students so every quarter when they change their schedules, that affects our work schedule too. This chick brought her dogs in on Thursday and of course, one ended up pooping on the floor. She ran out without cleaning it up and that left my assistant manager very pissed off, lol.

I’m still trying to pull through in my Human Anatomy class. I can be really good at studying for science classes, but for the life of me, human anatomy is one of the hardest I’ve taken. The professor is ridiculously terrible in addition to the 4 hour class being at 8AM. None of us know what to study and when asked what should we focus on, the professor says “whatever I talked about.” But of course, sometimes he goes on hour-long tangents that are super beyond the scope of our class and then he says he just wanted to teach that because he thinks it’s interesting. !._. ARGH! So I’m just trying to get through this class…my next test is this coming Monday.

Additionally, I’ve been stressing over my optometry school applications. I finally pushed all of my recommenders to send send in their letter of recs for me. Put together a thank you gift to one of my recommenders (she is my internship doctor and the one who is going on maternity leave). I still have to give gifts to my other two. I finished sending in the centralized application, and sending in the supplemental application for my #1 choice. I still have to send in supplementals for my 2nd choice. The exciting news is I got an interview for my #1 choice next Saturday!!! So after I friggen get over studying for my anatomy exam, I’m going to focus really hard on practicing for my interview. Hopefully I won’t report back with embarrassing or regretful news about the interview!