I’m currently on “winter recess” so I have one week off of optometry school – whoo hoo!!! So, on Monday we had a magical Disneyland trip!

We headed to Disney California Adventures first – did not realize they actually opened at 10am and 9am was an “extra magic hour” for Disney hotel guests only – and had to wait a bit. I found it hilarious that some cast members had to walk us while keeping a rope (gas pump to be exact!) extended to the Carsland section to avoid any crazy stampedes early in the morning. Choosing this ride first thing in the morning was an excellent choice because we only waited maybe 25 minutes! Towards the end of the day the wait for that ride ended up in the 2 hour range. Here are the rides we hit up today!

Disney California Adventures!

– Radiator Springs Racers (Cars Land)
– California Screamin (Paradise Pier)
– Goofy’s Sky School (Paradise Pier) – had a churro to tide me over in the line!
– Toy Story Mania (Paradise Pier)
– Tower of Terror (Hollywood Land)

It rained slightly until noon but it wasn’t too bad – and maybe it warded away the crowds :)

Picked up our anniversary badges at City Hall and then ate a glorious lunch around 3pm at Café Orleans. We tried the gumbo, pomme fries, and the monte cristo sandwiches. Since our waitress saw our anniversary badges, she gave us a complimentary pair of beignets! It’s funny because we were planning to get them later in the day anyway. Interestingly, there was a very old lady who was very displeased with a couple sitting nearby. They were playing the Heads Up iPhone game with much enthusiasm and loudness, and I guess that really bothered her. She spoke to management about it and she spoke very softly so I couldn’t hear what was going on but I did hear her mutter about “being civilized.” The staff ended up apologizing to her and giving her a discount but I don’t think they ended up talking to the couple about being “rude.” I thought they could have toned it down a bit, but I wouldn’t have said anything – it’s the happiest place on earth! :p

2 fresh beignets

Anyway, I warned my boyfriend about TWO orders of monte cristo sandwiches being too much for us but he insisted – and he was indeed overstuffed. lol. So we ended up changing plans and going on more “tame” rides first to prevent him from tossing his lunch (aka Space Mountain for later). :D Sadly the Fantasmic FastPasses stopped being distributed so we gave up on seeing the show. But that’s ok! We got to go on many more rides at least!

Next, we went to:

– It’s a Small World (Fantasyland)
– Snow White (Fantasyland)
– Big Thunder Mountail Railroad (Frontierland)
– Pirates of Carrib. (New Orleans Square)
– Enchanted Tiki Room + Tiki Bar for dole whip (Adventureland)
– Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)
– Buzz lightyear – we went twice! (Tomorrowland)
– Haunted Mansion (New Orleans Square)
– Indiana Jones (Adventureland)

Since the rides close at “8:00pm” I thought they wouldn’t let us in line for anymore rides past 7:45pm, but they did! So we got to go on more rides than I anticipated :)

I have to say that despite how TERRIBLE I am with directions… my boyfriend has a terrible sense of direction and is even worse at reading maps than I am, lol. Let’s just say we were directed to dead ends, went into a nonsensical circle only to end up where we started, and have headed towards completely wrong directions. At that point I stopped believing his navigating skills were better than mine and started taking the map into my own hands. LOL. :p

I really enjoyed seeing people of all ages – from tiny babies to older folks – enjoying their Disneyland time. It really is enjoyable when you’re with the people you really care about. It was a very tiring – boy was I tired – but fun day :) Knocked out like a baby back at home…

Before we headed home