It turns out I did really well on my skills final (the one that I was worried about)! No retake for me! Whoo!

I did terribly on some of my exams in one class, Neurophysiology, however. -.- I’m trying to study “early” rather than even more last minute than usual, so that I can have time to study more for neuro. My current dilemma is that I want to do really well in all of my other classes (I’m borderline doing really well in all of them except for neuro…), but I also don’t want to fail neuro. The smartest thing to do would be to compromise and not strive for A’s in my other classes so that I can just focus on neuro. I’ve never really had to do that before and it’s completely against my nature. T_T We will see. It’s kind of motivating me to use every hour of my precious time so that I don’t have to go down that route, but I might have to bite the bullet and just do it later as my neuro exam gets closer.

I have Clinical Methods on Mon, Medicine on Tues, Ophthalmic optics on Wed, and Neurophysiology on Thursday. And then it’s freedommmmmm!!!!!!!!! So close yet so far! I can do this (hopefully!)!!! Time to down that coffee!!

Also, I bought a desk chair for $5 from an upperclassman who is moving away for rotations lol. I’m so glad I did! My old chair got super flat and lost all it’s cushion so my butt always hurts when I study. Haha. Now my butt is happy and my back has more support! *thumbsup*

I’ve got all-you-can-eat sushi lined up for lunch after my last final ;)