It’s nearing 2AM here after a typical weekend and I’m very sleepy/tired, but I’ve accomplished almost nothing on my actual agenda. Somehow, however, I’ve managed to clean up my blog for who knows how many hours (which is cool because Fadedout really needed some attention…but what an ill time for that).

Some things never change – I’ve been a heavy procrastinator ever since those elementary school days. I’ve tried a lot of things and they worked really well – for a certain amount of time. When I get burnt out, I slip back into old habits. Cut me some slack, man, this is my 19th year of school! That sounds ridiculous when I actually quantify how long I’ve been in school…

I have one more tough week of school before I get two beautiful weeks of winter vacation. I tried letting that be the motivation to pull myself through and do what needed to be done, but alas…I failed this weekend. I feel absolutely unmotivated and I also feel like a tied up sack of poop. The #1 task at hand is to be prepared for my pharmacology exam on early Tuesday morning, but the topic is so uninteresting to me and getting started was my enemy this weekend.

What are your tried & true techniques to get through the devilish temptation of procrastination?