When I was cleaning out my old blog posts, it was like a blast to the past with some of the memories I shared from over ten years ago (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for that long!). Middle school and high school were more eventful than I remembered. Some memories that win honorable mentions:

There was a day in middle school where I had a total of 5 Cheez-its for lunch because I sat on a bench next to this group of guys I didn’t know, and had my slice of pizza stolen as I turned to the floor to grab something from my backpack. I still don’t know if it was my sister’s friend who sat with us or the group of guys who did it, but nobody ever gave it back to me. I was so hungry that day. Now that I think back, sheesh, how mean!

I also had a big fat crush on this guy who was probably confused at the time and ended up being gay. He moved onto high school while I was still in middle school. One day “he” messaged me on AIM to catch up (we had never messaged on AIM before) and talked for a bit, but at the end he said really stalkerish type things (like who I sit behind in math class, the teachers I had, etc.). He clearly shouldn’t have known these things because he was no longer at my middle school. That’s when I knew it had to be one of my classmates pretending to be him. LOL. Jesus, who thinks of doing these things? Middle school can be ridiculous. I think the guy who ended up playing that prank on me actually liked me and was taking advantage of the fact that I used to have a crush on the older guy who left for high school. You know, digging for any dirt. I should have been clued in when he asked me what I thought of some of my (male) classmates.

In freshman year of high school I had my first boyfriend. One of my friends from middle school wanted to separate him & me (aka have us break up by stealing him) and literally dubbed it her proud “Evil Plan.” The idiot boyfriend at the time was reveling in the attention from her and enjoyed flaunting it. “Oh you don’t know? Ask her what her Evil Plan is yourself,” he said proudly.

High school kids are silly. We start out embarrassingly stupid, even though we think we know everything and think our actions are solid. And then we blossom into adults who know that we actually know nothing. Haha. 8-)