My usual period of quietness is over! It’s usually a 3 month wave of silence that rolls over my blog whenever I’m in a tough quarter at school. I finished the last quarter of my 2nd year in optometry school. It’s a tough one that tends to “weed out” and leave behind a few students every year. I have one more year of learning in an academic setting and being in clinic, then one more year of rotations at different clinic locations, and then I will be an optometrist (after passing national board exams of course)! Truly exciting.

My 2nd year of opto school has been the toughest yet. I still had moments where I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull through and make it, but the 1st year of school definitely hardened my spine. No more consecutive nights of going home and crying in bed. I would have downer days, but I knew I had to spring back up and go through the motions again. Tackling one day at a time truly has helped me get through it – I used to be so bad at dealing with stress, but I’m getting through it much better. Those New Year’s Resolutions I made were definitely being followed (for the most part) :) I had plenty of days where you just know it’s not going to be pretty. Like that one morning I was in a rush to begin my commute to school and did this to my trial lens set (see picture below) before getting out of the house. My optometry friends should know the feels, haha. But, I made it and I’m halfway towards being an eye doctor. 8-) 

Spilled my lenses from my set

Dropped my trial lens set

It was super interesting reading the comments on my Pyramid Scheming Girl blog post! Loved all the different experiences and insight. Although I ended up blocking the girl’s phonecalls, I guess my phone doesn’t block texts because much to my dismay, I actually received a text from her yesterday. Same crap, the whole we-haven’t-talked-in-forever-how-are-you spiel. I thought about responding for once, to ask her to stop messaging me, but I didn’t because I thought to myself that maybe by responding like that she would keep messaging me even more asking why and for details. :/

Anyway, I’m officially on my summer vacation, which is a measly 12 days, but I’ll take it! I’ve kick-started it by going to an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner with some of my favorite classmates (so many good laughs were had), and spending a lot of time with my boyfriend (we are currently all caught up with Game of Thrones)! So much fun already. Tomorrow, I’m celebrating a dear friend’s birthday with some of my closest friends. Saturday, I’m going on a 4 day trip to Seattle, WA! Holy crap, I’m excited!