Last Saturday was the first time I had a patient in clinic ask me for my business card as I said good bye to them. I was a little taken aback. Totally a pleasant surprise and thought that was awesome! It was her first time trying contact lenses, so I had the privilege of picking out the lens power and brand for her, checking her eye health, vision and the fit of the lenses.

My shift ended at noon for lunch but since it was her first time wearing contact lenses, I had to educate her on lens wear and train her on application & removal… Let me tell you ladies, if it’s your first time trying contact lenses, avoid having claws on them nails! (You know, those very long nails that could poke an eye out…literally, since you gotta use your fingers to pinch out the lens in your eye.) It all led to no time for my lunch break but fate was kind to me and there was one chocolate chip muffin left for me that a classmate brought to share with us!

Patient was super excited about the contacts and it was really nice being able to do the whole thing smoothly, successfully. The small talk we had, the minor struggles and triumphs during training, and just getting a little more connected with my patient made my working Saturday a bit better.