The technician (Betty) at the hospital seems to really like me, which is a huge relief. She does a lot at the hospital and I can tell she has a lot of power in making your time at the hospital easier or more difficult. I think I get along with her quite well though.

Today the technician and our attending/overseeing doctor were both expressing their thoughts on how my classmate (Pauline) and I are handling things at the externship quite well. Pauline and I find it funny because we both personally feel we are not doing that great & could make a lot of improvements. We were joking around about how the summer quarter of externs must have set the bar pretty low. Lol. But it makes me happy to hear they don’t think we’re a disaster and that they think we are “catching on quickly.” Got a long way to go, but I think this experience is going to be good. I’m exhausted, and they’ve barely been easing us in. Tomorrow is our first full workday of patients, and then from then on it will likely be a full schedule. Here we go!